PCT Series

Regenerative Stainless Steel Precoat Filters with more features & benefits.

  • Grade 316 stainless steel construction materials
  • Simple single pass precoating
  • Large diameter rigid candles
  • Dustless “Wet-Vac” precoating
  • Clean by reverse flow pressure backwashing

Capabilities and benefits

Ultra-Fine Filtration to 1micron.
Single pass filtration with filter on line immediately when pump is turned on.

Simple install and easy to operate

No sensors, switches, computer control or compressed air to operate Precoating in single pass.

Long lasting and durable

Proven structural strength of grade 316 stainless steel – estimated 50 years life span.
Long life Mono Filament socks.

Reduced maintenance

Reverse flow backwashing and flow modulated rinse cycle flush ensures 100% effective backwash achieved in only minutes.
Longer runs between backwash.
Sock cleaning once per year.

Expert manufacture

20 year proven history is stainless steel filter manufacture.

Quality assured

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